What we offer

Individualized education and coaching,
advocating for personal choices and autonomy.
We specialize in Women's Health.

We created this very unique and safe space
where you can express yourself
in times of physical change, doubt and vulnerability,
and learn to change your perspective on living and aging. 
Our expertise is in listening to you, 
understanding you as a whole,
and helping you design a plan true to your values,
where you can live more intentionally, and find inner-freedom.



Advance care planning is not just about old age. At any age, a medical crisis could leave you too ill to make your own healthcare decisions. Advance care planning is making decisions about the healthcare you would want to receive if you're facing a medical crisis. This is the first step toward finding clarity and peace. 

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A medical issue or diagnosis will inevitably shake your entire life. You want to remain in charge, but need holistic compassionate support from someone who can help you review the facts, talk options, advocate for you, even prepare for surgery and your life post surgery. We specialize in women's health advocacy.

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Whether you are a woman who have had a major loss, possibly from Covid19, undergoing a major transition, at menopause, feel isolated, experiencing signs of grief, You may not be aware of your hormonal changes and how it affects your grief. We can help you dissect things out and find your way out of the downward spiral.  

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Benefits of doing my Advance Care Planning


I would like to express my appreciation to Nathalie  for making the process of completing my and my husband’s advanced care planning – easy and comfortable.


We always knew the importance of completing our advanced directive. Dealing with the death of my parents taught me how important this was; Nevertheless, no matter how many times we tried – it never got done. Just the thought of doing it overwhelmed us. Then Nathalie stepped in and offered her assistance. Accepting her assistance was the best decision we could have made. She helped to create a relaxed environment - where we felt immediately at ease and was able to discuss our wishes freely and comfortably with one another. She explained each section step by step and answered all our questions. 


The entire process took less than two hours. One of the most productive and enjoyable hours ever spent. Thank you, Nathalie!

Remote Doula Support


My family worked with Nathalie after my father was diagnosed with late stage lung cancer, and I cannot recommend her enough to anyone in a similar situation.


She was kind, sympathetic, caring, supportive to me and my family, and was extremely professional from beginning to end.


While we only worked with Nathalie for a brief period of time, she did an excellent job of establishing a rapport with myself and my family, providing actionable information in a gentle way, and acting as a confidante through the entire process.


I would encourage anyone in a similar situation to reach out to her - she's very much worth it.

Grief Support


Nathalie helped me during an unusual time in my life.


I was caring for my mother whose health was declining. Just days after her passing, I was faced with an unexpected surgery—a total hysterectomy and removal of an enormous ovarian mass.


She was a great listener and helped not only with my grief but also with my pre-surgery anxiety. Her knowledge of biology and women’s health paired nicely with her warm, kind, caring heart. Nathalie helped prepare me, a woman in midlife, both mentally and physically for my surgery AND helped me process my mom’s end of life.

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