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Two Process Professionals Working Together

Human Engineers

I have known Melissa Waldron for a few years, first as a neighbor. With time and various encounters in the community, and rather slowly, we were able to connect at a deeper level. That’s when I discovered the leader, the seeker, the explorer and go-getter. Early July, I decided to call her up to see if she could help me use social media better to reach potential clients. I honestly thought I had already done a lot of work on myself to understand THE WHY behind what I was doing. But I was still missing something to get over this activation energy hump. I said to Melissa: “Listen, I feel stuck right now, I need help getting seen as who I am by potential clients and collaborators”. I told her I was interested in a couple of months coaching program with meetings at regular intervals and lots of homework. I was looking for a serious push to find my missing element. I could not name that element at that time but knew it was nevertheless inside me ready to be pulled out and put to work. It turns out, Melissa was just about to release a new program called “Be Your Cause”. What a perfect timing for both of us to be testing the efficacy of the program. It was not my first experience with coaching, yet it was my first time with business coaching for my own business. I did not know how she was going to do business, but I went along for the ride, with a trusting attitude, trusting me and trusting her. Sure, I was unsure about the outcome, but never did I focus on the end point. I went on week after week for 8 weeks truly living the journey, enjoying the process. Yep I am process-kind-of-girl! Some days were extremely challenging, some less – yes it was hard work - but I always felt I was moving forward, learning something new.

Sure thing, by working that way with Melissa, I found my missing element. It did not come as a

Aha Moment, after 2 sessions. No, what came out of the process was way deeper than expected. She helped me find myself, my truer self, and identify what was at the core of my passion. When you know what fuels your heart and brain, you can keep going, keep growing and be an inspiration for other people. It’s like being your own dynamo! And that’s I was looking to give to my own clients.

I have now worked with several professionals like Melissa and I have learnt that it’s okay to need help with life road blocks, it’s okay to ask for help. If anything, it requires a lot of self-awareness and confidence to be able to ask for a little or big push in life in times of needs. And it gets easier every time.

What impressed me the most with Melissa, is how professional she was, how clearly, and respectfully she defined the boundaries, how she guided me in trust, with a supportive and non-judgmental presence. I not only got to find my missing element, I also learnt other business skills by watching her work with me. I can’t recommend Melissa highly enough to anyone who is looking for that special push in their business. Just get ready to work at it, and Melissa will guide you to it!

Melissa Charity Waldron

I help Spirit Conscious Entrepreneurs Get Seen, Heard and Valu$$d

Cell: 646-408-9653

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