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Millennial, GenX in Crisis? How an EOL Doula Can Help You Get Unstuck

Hi there! I’m still in France, combining research and family business while recharging my batteries and in the process, I’ve found new ways to put my passion for helping others to work

I’m announcing two new personalized programs designed to help younger people who are struggling with life-threatening diagnoses such as colon cancer and others. In my new packages, I incorporate the compassionate and educated support of an EOL Doula and the analytical skills of a biomedical scientist who has worked in cancer research for 15 out of the last 25 years: I created these programs because of the unmet needs encountered by Generation X and Millennials affected by life-threatening conditions whether curable or not.

My goals are two-fold: 1- To help younger individuals in immediate shock get unstuck right away by guiding them through our complicated healthcare system and busy lives (non-medical world) and helping them design their own living-well plans, 2- To prepare younger people to influence positively their own parents and children.

Remember: "My mission is to educate and guide people with life-threatening illnesses to shift from feeling fearful, stuck and isolated to finding answers, hope and meaning, so that they can create a lasting legacy for themselves and their loved ones."

Check out the details on my website -- a-la-carte services, what I do and don't do, rates, packages, etc. So that I can answer your specific questions right away - without obligation to commit – all you have to do is sign up (for free) to access the details of my personalized packages – Feel free to reach me at 203-815-5743.

"GET UNSTUCK NOW": Build your own immediate plan of action now!" - 1 month consultation

In a 5 part-plan, I will help you understand the facts, like deal with the immediate threat by meeting with you and hearing what you have to say about how the diagnostic occurred, the circumstances, the facts, the doctors you visited. Over the course of a month I will accompany you to your doctors' visits, help you to understand your feelings, communicate your specific needs, and build your own power team. I can also provide options to add financial assessments and medical bill management to save you money. So you can focus on YOU and whoever/whatever matters to you!

"DESIGN MY OWN LIVING-WELL PLAN" - 3-month consultation

In this 6 part-plan, I will help you start the elephant-in-the-room discussion with your family in a non-threatening way, reviewing with you the healthcare and representation options applicable to your current situation, ((foreseeing the future, including all past experiences and learning from them)). I'll help you break the taboos, assess housing, legal situations and make appropriate referrals to professionals such as realtors, lawyers, etc. I will also work with you on your legacy projects and help you with your health care bill management. So you can focus on YOU and whoever/whatever matters to you!

Warmly, Nathalie

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