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An End-of-Life Doula Talks about Finding Peace

In my Private Practice as a Care Consultant and EOL Doula, I talk a lot about the importance of finding Peace of Mind. What I mean by that is difficult to explain. We each define our own. When we reach it, we just know it. We talk frequently about people finding peace at the end of their lives. But in my opinion, Peace is reachable way before the end, if we understand that it is a process. And I'd like to encourage you all to think about how you'd like to find your own.

To get my point across, I decided to explain what I mean by Peace through story telling, through telling of my own story and how I found my path to Peace. Part of this video deals with my relationships with loved ones and how I found healing as they parted. The last part of the video deals with my mending of the relationship with my own parents while they are still healthy and well.

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