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"A Safe Haven for Healers"

*As Doulas, we do NOT:

 We provide counseling & educational assistance

 to those at the frontline of care

" Helping patients die well is as important as helping them live to the fullest."

- Haider Warraich

As physicians and nurses, your patients are your priority. 

You do everything in your power to heal people. 

Every day, you work tirelessly to ease others' suffering.

And when you fail, you must still bring your best to the next patient. 

It is a tough road and you are human too!

How do you heal yourself, so you can keep healing others?

 We provide a safe, non-judgmental, and confidential space 

for you to talk about your experiences, challenges and

your relationship with suffering, death and grief.


We meet you where you are, in person, via phone or Zoom video conference.

Can be HIPAA-compliant, upon request.

Services to choose from

  • Confidential - One-on-one sessions NEW OFFICE SPACE

  • Holistic End-of-life education

  • End-of-life care-related stress/crisis management 

  • Guide to cultural differences in end-of-life care

  • Compassion & self care

  • Group sessions/workshops possible

Nathalie has 25+ years of experience working and collaborating with physicians and other professionals from all over the world.  She ​has extended her services to healthcare providers and other professionals who serve people and families in crisis and who need personalized end-of-life education and guidance in serving the entire community so as well as possible.  Contact her.