A Program for Women Who Want to Thrive after 50


"It's short, fun and effective"

"It's one of the most valuable things I have done for myself in a long time"

" I am sorry it's over, I will miss our conversations very much!"

"It's all about inner-freedom, self-love and selflessness"

How do you feel about turning 50?

The 50s are a watershed – Work is just okay. The kids don't need you anymore. You feel lost or bored or overwhelmed at times, and you've got that old sense of insecurity again. Well, you're not alone. But do you know what you are missing?

Are you feeling trapped in your daily routine?

Are you anxious about the future?

Wondering if personal freedom is achievable?

Are you wondering how to create the best motion picture for your life after 50? But you don't know where to start? Science says it's never too late to become the director of your life!

My name is Nathalie and I'd love to share with you what I've spent years learning on my own. It's been a long and difficult journey, because I thought there was something wrong with me. But it does not have to be for you, and no, there is nothing wrong with you either. You just need to get a blueprint of the big picture and the tools to edit it for yourself to create your own production!

Imagine...Having peace of mind and confidence knowing:
Who you are deep inside.
What your own values are.
What you want for yourselves.
What your deepest fears are (including the fear of aging and death)
How to overcome those fears and transform them into courage
Reach that inner peace where your mind performs at an optimal level with a positive outcome.
How to communicate your choices.

I can't wait to meet you!



You want to create the best motion picture for your life.

You want to live fully with dignity and courage until the end.

You want to prioritize love and life over anxiety and chaos.

You know that change is inevitable, but you choose growth.



Individualized coaching with Nathalie

Become the director of your life

Lead your life from within.

Invest in your future by learning to care for your entire being - body, mind and spirit.

Plan your elder years without fears - Gain peace of mind and confidence.

Improve on your clarity and focus - Give yourself perspectives and new choices.



Get training to become the director of your life

10 hours over the course of one full month

Confidential video conferencing (zoom)

Meet at times that fit your schedule

Free webinar + Q&A

Coming soon

"Nathalie is amazing at bringing out the very best in me and others. Her non-judgmental quality builds confidence, and helps me shine. Her scientific background and dedication to figuring out how things work have helped me attain quality of life.  Not only from a holistic approach but finding spiritual growth from within, she can bring out the very best in anyone, to have a life of fulfillment and meaning. It has helped me greatly, from running my business to dealing with people on a whole new level". 

Ingrid H, Small Business Owner

"When I decided to do Nathalie’s program, I was curious and didn’t know what to expect, but I came away from it with greater understanding and clarity of what’s important to me, how I can fit more of what I want into my life, and what are the obstacles holding me back from doing that.  Nathalie immediately put me at ease and talking to her was a joy because she is so warm, understanding and nonjudgmental.  For most sessions Nathalie gave me an assignment which required me to think deeply about what a perfect day would consist of, my bucket list, my values, and my limitations and face all of these honestly.  From this Nathalie helped guide me to see the real possibilities for my life and what I could do to make some of these come true.  I am way past 50, but now I have a greater understanding of how to make the years I have left full and meaningful". 

Barbara R., Retired Physician

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