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 Your Compassionate Partner in Holistic Care Planning

Social, Cultural, Emotional, Spiritual Support

And if we looked at the BIG PICTURE! 


A Gentler Parting, LLC was founded by Nathalie Bonafé, PhD to fill the non-medical, community-based role that meets the social-emotional, and psycho-spiritual needs of those close to the end of their life due to illness or aging, their circle of loved ones, and the professionals serving them.

Nathalie Bonafé offers a complete, well-rounded end-of-life care service. She uses critical thinking and creative problem solving to bridge the gaps in support before, during, and after death, with unique & deep companioning that improves quality of life by ensuring that people are able to invest their valuable energy and presence where it matters most.   

End-of-Life Doulas support the Death Positive Movement, and help transform how we approach end-of-life care in America and throughout the world via education and advocacy for more compassion and companionship for people who are dying and their caregivers. (A younger Nathalie with her beloved grand-mother).