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"Kindness, empathy, presence, and an ability to make everyone she comes in contact with feel empowered". 

Nathalie's mission is to change the conversation about living well, aging well, and dying well to help bring more clarity, focus, perspective and empathy into our culture. She believes that each of us has the right to know about options and possibilities as we age. 

Nathalie was born in France in 1967.  She grew up in Paris Suburbs. She has a sister, 11 years older.  Young Nathalie was very shy and mostly interested in books.  When her parents retired, they moved to the south of France and she attended college and graduate school in Montpellier.  She is a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Biology and Health (Molecular Biology and Biochemistry).   

Nathalie moved to the United States in 1994 to pursue her career in biomedical research (National Institutes of Health, Yale Medical School and the Biotech industry). She has 30 years of experience working collaboratively and building professional relationships in higher education and in the business world. 

In her mid to late 40s, Nathalie outgrew her corporate suit, became aware of her purpose and started her own enterprise as a women's health and end-of-life advocate. She now provides individualized education and coaching, advocating for personal choices and autonomy.  She is highly trained, and holds numerous certifications.

Focusing on your own values, she'll give you the tools and courage to embrace your fears of change, find peace within, achieve inner freedom so you can create new choices for yourself. 

Far from being a narrowly trained specialist, Dr. Bonafé prides herself on being a generalist – the glue that brings and holds all of the support systems together for her clients.  

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