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 Your Compassionate Partner in Holistic Care Planning

in Connecticut and Beyond

Patient Advocacy, End-of-Life Coaching

Social, Cultural, Emotional, & Spiritual Support

Turning Pieces into Peace


Passionately supporting

individuals in their elder years - those facing serious/terminal illness -

their loved ones, their healthcare providers.

Extraordinary progress in science and medicine has allowed people to live long and good lives.

Many diseases can be managed without pain, but can't be cured. And life ends, every day. 

Although death is a natural, inevitable and sacred process, our society has avoided talking about it, leaving a gap -- and the consequences are damaging.

Our mission is to fill the gap

by providing education, informed holistic support,

emotional acceptance, and spiritual guidance.

Our approach consists in creating connection

through compassion and empowerment 


We help people shift from feeling fearful, stuck, and isolated to finding answers, inner peace, and meaning.

  • We advise healthy individuals who wish to plan for their elder years.

  • We serve patients with life-limiting illness and their loved-ones who wish to be of support.

  • We mentor healthcare providers who wish to improve their comfort with death.  

  • We are the glue that brings everyone together.  

Feeling heard begins the healing & leads to inner peace

"Change is inevitable. Growth is optional"

Contributor to 2019 ebook:

Fabjob Guide To Become

a Death Doula